Anti-Asian Discrimination Legislation Opposed By Senate Democrats

Written by Miguel Palacios

The slew of Anti-Asian sentiment has become ever apparent since the advent of the novel Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately, across different news platforms, it has become increasingly common to hear about Asian Americans being attacked and discriminated against because of their race. Because of this, the need for legislation to prevent Asian discrimination has become necessary.

Taking advantage of this situation, Senate Democrats submitted S. 937, the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which aims to prevent hate crimes against Asians in America. Wanting to make this effort bipartisan, Republican Senators Ted Cruz (R. Tx) and John Kennedy (R. La), proposed an amendment to the legislation that would also prevent the discrimination against Asians seeking admissions into universities and other institutions of higher education. For some reason, all Senate Democrats refused to support the amendment, which caused it to fail. According to Kara Subach, the RNC Deputy Director of Media Affairs, not a single Senate Democrat supported the amendment.

For all the talk that many Democrat officials make about the need for bipartisan policy and the end of racism, it seems as if they are not too concerned about it. If Senate Democrats were really concerned about ending discrimination against Asians and Pacific Islanders, they would support any legislation that calls for it in all aspects, not just ones that they authored. 


Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images