Beverly Hills, Pico Rivera, Santa Clarita, give George Gascon a vote of “no-confidence,” more cities likely to follow suit

Written by Destiny Garcia

Three California cities, Beverly Hills, Pico Rivera, and Santa Clarita have officially cast votes of no-confidence regarding Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.

At this time more cities are considering making the same decision. George Gascon has proposed radical reforms to the criminal justice system that have left both Republicans and Democrats up in arms.  Councilman Andrew Lara of Pico Rivera, who is a Democrat, has affirmed to the public that this was not solely a Republican decision.

The policies Gascon is attempting to implement are absurd. For example, he wants to eliminate cash bail and restrict prosecutors from trying an adolescent as an adult. Additionally, he wants to end the use of sentencing enhancements and abolish the death penalty. Even worse, he is working on reducing the Major Narcotics Unit and Hardcore Gang Unit of his office. As a result, many people lost all confidence in the district attorney, if they had any to begin with.

Along with the everyday LA residents who disagree with Gascon’s policies, there is also a lot of opposition from deputy district attorneys and law enforcement groups.

Though George Gascon has tried to pull people back to his corner by using some less ambitious rhetoric, there is a great push for him to resign. If he refuses to resign, the LA County sheriff will support a recall effort against him.