Biden Admin Releasing Criminal Illegal Aliens on to American Streets

Written by Urvi Sakurikar

President Biden’s new sanctuary country orders have resulted in convicted illegal alien felons being released into the public, putting all Americans in danger. 

Specifically, the policies require that only illegal immigrants with recent aggravated felony convictions or ties to terrorism or gang activity can be actively arrested and deported by ICE. 

In May 2019, there were 17,500 convicted criminals in ICE custody, compared to little over 5,100 now. 

As a result, the Biden administration is facing lawsuits from several states including Texas, Florida, and Arizona on the grounds that federal immigration law is being violated. 

Florida Governor DeSantis has been especially set on counteracting President Biden’s destructive and ultimately dangerous orders. 

DeSantis has taken matters into his own hands by requiring state agencies to transfer criminal illegal aliens to ICE custody after they finish their time in Florida prisons, and notify law enforcement upon release of any criminal illegal immigrants. He has also asked for monthly updates from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. 

By readily wasting time and resources to provide sanctuary for people who have no legal right to be here, the Biden administration is neglecting the needs of tax-paying Americans and putting the country as a whole at risk. 

The people of America deserve to be led by someone like Governor DeSantis, who puts the safety and living standards of Americans before the needs of criminals and illegal immigrants. 


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