Biden signs executive order on SCOTUS “reform” in effort to pack the court

Written by Justin Culetu

After running on a platform of unity and healing of America, Joe Biden and the Democrats unsurprisingly seek to assert their dominance in all of the government branches. On Friday, President Biden once again issued an executive order, this time to form a commission to study reforms of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). The reforms in question include, “the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices,” according to the White House. 

During President Trump’s tenure, he managed to fill in three vacancies in the Supreme Court which, for the first time in decades, garnered a strong conservative majority in the high court. In response, many liberals were outraged that they would lose power to the Republican majority at the time. 

Trump’s latest appointment of Amy Coney Barret, who filled in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s vacancy, was a highly polarized Supreme Court nomination. Since the announcement of her nomination, Democrats pressured Biden to increase the size of the court from nine, which he promised to look into in a “60 Minutes” interview in October. 

The fact of the matter is that the democrats are a power-hungry coalition that seeks to leave their mark on every possible institution in the United States. As soon as things do not go their way, they frame perfectly reasonable and bipartisan decisions as if it is an act of lunacy. With Republicans in power during Trump’s presidency, the GOP had every right to nominate and confirm a replacement justice. But because liberals realized that confirmation would be a threat to their power, the democrat party chose the extremist route by proposing the unpopular idea to pack the courts. 

This is not the first time Democrats have tried to gain power through court-packing. Franklin Roosevelt attempted to do the same thing in 1937 by appointing like-minded justices in order to implement his New Deal policies that he believed would lead the nation out of the Great Depression. However, even the Democrat-controlled House and Senate understood that this was a bad notion that would lead to immense partisanship in the only independent branch of the U.S government. In fact, Joe Biden himself even opposed the idea of court-packing in 1983 as a senator calling it, “a bonehead idea.” The late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg even spoke out against packing the court, but Democrats are set on grabbing as much power as they can. 

Democrats have a history of changing the rules when things do not go in their favor. Just this week we learned that California Democrats are seeking to change future recall rules because of the situation that Gov. Newsom is in.

Ultimately, Democrats and progressives do not care about issues that need to be solved in this country, such as maintaining a well-controlled border or getting people back in the workforce after a year-long pandemic. They just want power by any means necessary.  


Photo via SCOTUS Website