Biden’s dog Major involved in another biting incident

Written by Joey Brasil

One of President Biden’s dogs was involved in yet another biting incident.

After the biting incident, involving President Biden’s dog Major, the individual that was bit required medical attention by the White House Medical Unit. This incident is the second of the month for Major. 

Michael LaRosa, press secretary to first lady Jill Biden, claims that Major “nipped someone while on a walk.” Additionally, Major “is still adjusting to his new surroundings.” President Biden has been in office for nearly 3 months already.

The dogs had just recently returned to the White House after Major had caused a “minor injury to an employee of the U.S. Secret Service on March 8,” per CNN. 

Biden claims that the dog had simply turned a corner and went to the President’s defense by quickly biting the person that the dog couldn’t recognize. The President added that, referring to the U.S. Secret Service, “85% of the people there love him.”

It is evident that the dogs, particularly Major, have raised concerns among many people of the White House staff and Secret Service. The dogs were sent home shortly after the most recent biting incident. “I didn’t banish him to home. Jill was going to be away for four days. I was going to be away for two, so we took him home,” said President Biden. It seems oddly coincidental that the President and his wife conveniently weren’t at the White House and needed to send their dogs home after the second biting incident. 

Despite the incidents, the dogs seem likely to stay at the White House for the majority of the time. “The dogs will come and go and it will not be uncommon for them to head back to Delaware on occasion as the president and first lady often do as well,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki. 


AP Photo/Evan Vucci