City Council considering switch from AMR to Falck for Ambulance Service, that’s a bad idea

Written by Urvi Sakurikar

As we are facing a global pandemic and the need for reliable emergency services is extraordinarily high, the Democrat-majority City Council is considering switching to an inexperienced and relatively unknown ambulance provider.

The vote will take place on April 13th and there is a chance that the City of San Diego will make a serious mistake. If this is the wrong decision, it won’t impact the City Council members, but it will impact the vulnerable members of our community.

San Diego’s current company, AMR, has done an outstanding job providing emergency response services that the people of San Diego can trust and rely on.

AMR has also established itself well within the community by hosting several free safety training events, ambulance tours for children, child car seat safety training, and conducting frequent career-related visits to Mt. Carmel High School. 

The quality of a city’s emergency response services can be the difference between life and death for many residents, and therefore should only be entrusted to a company that has demonstrated it can handle the responsibility. 

If the City Council decides to sign over the city’s emergency services to Falck, it would make all San Diegan’s guinea pigs. The decision is opposed by the California Chronic Care Coalition, the San Diego County Medical Society, and several other organizations. 

Seconds matter in an emergency and for 65 years AMR has shown that they are up to the task of serving San Diegan’s in need. To switch to another provider, especially now, would create too many opportunities for problems that very well may be life-threatening to those in need.


Photo by Oscar Perez/PinalCentral