Company Contracted for Bullet Train Construction Donates $25k to Newsom Recall Defense

Written by Justin Culetu 

Tutor Perini, a Southern California-based construction company in charge of the failed bullet train project in Fresno and Madera County contributed $25,000 to Newsom’s recall defense. 

The current California governor has been under fire recently with the bipartisan recall fast approaching while his administration scrambles to hold on to power. He has remained supportive of the bullet train project in the past despite multiple delays and over-budget concerns. 

With one principal owner of the contracting company being the husband of California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blum, Newsom seems to be receiving help from the Democrat establishment to remain as an out-of-touch leader. 

The contract for the Fresno stretch of the bullet train project was originally won by Tutor Perini with a $1 billion bid, but due to multiple delays, the bid increased to $2.2 billion. Last year, the high-speed rail contractor sent a complaint to the California High-Speed Rail authority stating that over 500 parcels of land in the 31-mile stretch were not available, despite the contract being in place for several years. Due to the delays in purchasing the land, Tutor Perini laid off 73 workers at the start of the year. 

Newsom has a history of giving special treatment to his donors. Just this year, Newsom granted Blue Sheild of California a massive, “no-bid” contract to handle vaccine distribution for the State. Blue Shield has donated just under $23 million to Newsom’s campaigns over the last 16 years.


Photos via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / Tutor Perini