Comparing Gray Davis and Gavin Newsom

Written by Urvi Sakurikar

Despite desperate attempts from the Democrats to stop it, the movement to recall Gavin Newsom will be on the ballot. 

The conditions surrounding Gavin Newsom’s time as Governor can be compared to those of Gray Davis in 2003, before his own recall. 

For one, both previously served as Lieutenant Governors before becoming Governor, and inherited good balance sheets from previous administrations. Therefore, they were both set up to succeed, but ended up failing their voters in the end. 

In addition, both men had issues with public employee unions. Compared to Davis, Governor Newsom has had a much rougher time when dealing with the Service Employees International Union and the California Teachers Association. 

Gray Davis was known for his soft demeanor toward state employees and using tax money to give them unnecessary lifetime benefits. 

Likewise, critics of the current governor have called out his failure to stand up to the SIEU and CTA, presumably because they have given him financial support in the past. 

In fact, Governor Newsom has cliqued up with the CTA and joined their efforts against charter schools, giving him a bad name among many parents who hesitate to send their children to public K-12 institutions. 

The living conditions in California are continuing to worsen as the job field shrinks because of large companies leaving the State, the quality of public schools declines due to excessive politicization, and the Newsom administration neglects tax-paying Californians in favor of undocumented immigrants. 

Combined with Governor Newsom’s excessively harsh environmental policies, the prospects of a future political career are bleak, to say the least. 

The conditions that led to Gray Davis’s downfall back in 2003 are mirroring into 2021, and will likely lead Gavin Newsom to the same fate. 


Photos via Wikipedia and Justin Sullivan / Getty Images file