Congressman Issa, 39 Colleagues Urge Border Construction Prioritization in Infrastructure Package

Congressman Darrell Issa, along with 39 fellow lawmakers, sent a letter to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee urging Members to prioritize the continued and completed construction of the southern border wall and true border security infrastructure.

The letter specifically cited that in December 2020, Congress approved $1.375 billion for border wall construction. But this year, “The Biden Administration not only abruptly and irresponsibly ended immigration policies that were successfully discouraging illegal entry and effectively managing asylum claims, it also suspended ongoing construction at the border.” As a result, this “left behind multiple gaps in the nearly completed southern border infrastructure, which are repeatedly exploited by smugglers and migrants to illegally access the United States.” This caused a record number of migrants to cross the southern border.

Issa was joined by 39 signatories including Representatives Gosar, McClintock, Herrell, Hice, Tenney, Steube, Lesko, Budd, Harshbarger, Wagner, Boebert, Norman, Calvert, Rosendale, Bishop (NC), Bilirakis, Biggs, Obernolte, Banks, Carter, Gohmert, Cloud, Jackson, Brooks, Miller-Meeks, Mullin, Donalds, Good, Roy, Burgess, Gooden, Moore, Rice, Schweikert, Spartz, Mann, Grothman, Cammack, and Clyde.

Read the full letter here.