Coronado isn’t Canceling its July 4th Festivities this year

Written by Destiny Garcia

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, celebrations for many holidays were canceled. With Independence Day rapidly approaching, people are wondering what this year’s celebration will look like.

While President Joe Biden has warned Americans that they may need to cancel their 4th of July plans, the City of Coronado has a different idea in mind.

The Coronado City Council came to the decision of allowing celebrations for the Fourth of July this summer!

While safety precautions will be taken, there will be a parade, small marathon, fireworks, and more fun activities to honor the special day. Before the pandemic, Coronado was very known for the special celebrations that would take place on the 4th and received anywhere between 100,000 to 300,000 visitors.

In an interview with KUSI, Republican Mayor of Coronado Richard Bailey stated that the only way for the world to return to normalcy is to act on it by making plans. Bailey is setting an example for many leaders by allowing events such as these to take place. While the Mayor encourages people to come out and celebrate together, he also states that all people have the choice to go out or stay home.


Photo via Hotel Del Coronado