Democrats Indulge in hypocrisy after calling Republicans “fascists” for the past 4 years 

Written by Justin Culetu 

Over the last four years, Republicans and Conservatives have become all too familiar with being called “fascists” by the left. Due to the fringe Democrats’ inability to accept that people have opposing views and ideologies, any sort of logical decision or idea that the Republicans had was seen as lunacy and meant that they supported a dictatorship in America. 

Democrats and left-leaning politicians often described President Trump as an authoritarian who was set on breaking the norms in America and had no intentions to respect the constitution. The radical left Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders coined Trump as “a pathological liar, who has strong authoritarian tendencies, who neither understands nor respects our constitution, and who is prepared to undermine American democracy in order to stay in power.” 81-year-old Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed to impeach the former President this year stating: “In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with urgency, because this President represents an imminent threat to both.” Of course, the mainstream media followed their lead and helped to push their narrative.

However, as democrats have dubbed themselves “the party of unity” under Joe Biden, they have become blind to the fact that they became the very thing they swore to destroy, only three months into their power trip. With control of both the House and the Senate, Democrats continue to prove that they have no desire to unify anything in this country. With their own list of radical legislation that seeks to rewrite the norms and systems they promised to bring back to “normal,” they will surely disappoint anyone wishing for unity or normalcy.  

Just last week, Democrats in the House and Senate revealed legislation to pack the Supreme Court, which Rep. Jerry Nadler lovingly described as “unpacking” the court. Although being seen as too radical of an idea since Franklin D. Roosevelt attempted to add justices in the ’30s, modern Democrats have been supportive of this idea. 

Democrats would need ten Republican votes in the senate to reach the necessary majority to pass the legislation, which would be very unlikely; Unless the filibuster is abolished. 

Even though the Democrats used the filibuster to their advantage under Trump’s term, they seek to scrap it now that it could be used against them. Senator Ed Markey made it clear in a Tweet that the push to abolish the filibuster is an effort to “save our democracy.” With a 50-50 split in the Senate putting a halt to the ⅔ majority needed for most decisions, radical progressive reforms seem unlikely for the Democrats, once again pushing them to call for reform in order to gain the power they seek. 

Also on the list is making the liberal stronghold of Washington D.C. a state to gain two Senators for the Democrats. The House Oversight Committee voted 25-19 in support of D.C. statehood last week, and to send the bill to a full House vote next week. All these reforms regarding the Supreme Court, Senate, and D.C. statehood would dramatically increase the power of the Democrats. And Americans have no ability to vote on any of it.

To add to the leftist power-grabbing reforms proposed under the Biden Administration, Democrats in Congress have pushed amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants and other radical immigration reforms, which has caused a crisis at the border. Democrats have also pushed for a plethora of voting reforms that would ban states from requiring photo ID to vote, require states to offer drop boxes for 45 days before elections, as well as reshaping the FEC. 

For a party that promised unity and return to Constitutional norms, Democrats have strayed away from anything near what they vowed to heal. Based on all of the slander they pushed on Republicans for four years and their new radical legislation proposals, it is very clear that the left will do anything to obtain any sort of power, even if it means becoming the fascists themselves.