Faulconer calls on Newsom to Mandate School Reopening

Written by Amanda Angulo

Early this week some Californian school districts began to reopen for the first time since the start of the pandemic. However, California is still ranked last in the nation when it comes to the opening of schools, according to a company that overlooks and analyzes 1,200 school districts, named Burbio.

While Newsom was keeping every student indoors and in “Zoom School,” his own children, as well as students in small, private schools, have been attending classes in person. 

On Good Evening San Diego, California Gubernatorial Candidate, and former San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulconer weighed in on the matter of private schools and public schools. He claimed the reason for which the private schools have been open is “because those schools report to parents, but yet our public schools, which ultimately report to Gavin Newsom remain not fully open.”

According to the Return to Learn Tracker, by March 29th, over 40% of the school districts in the country have given students the option to return to school full-time in person. However, 3 million students in California are not receiving a full school day or week, as stated by the Los Angeles Times. 

Now Gov. Newsom claims that he is responding to the teachers’ union that everything should return to normal by June 15th. However, most schools are on summer break by then, resulting in schools not being fully operational for the masses until fall.

Newsom’s deadline to reopen the State at the beginning of summer seems to be a way for him to save himself from the upcoming recall. However, this cannot save him. Over 2 million Californians, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, have signed the recall petition and are looking for new leadership. 

Hon. Kevin Faulconer understands that Californian parents and students and citizens are frustrated at Newsom for keeping them in a bubble, while the rest of the country is continuing on with their normal lives. When asked what he could be doing differently as a Governor of this state, Faulconer responded by claiming that “our public schools should be open now, not months from now but now”.