Joe Biden is Nothing but a Liar

Written by Miguel Palacios

When it comes to Joe Biden, there is one term that seems to fit him perfectly, Bald-faced Liar. Mr. Biden sure didn’t waste time reneging on his campaign promises. And not just one promise, but two! As conservatives shake their heads incredulously, Democrats are dismayed and outraged that their man would lie to their faces. Is it too soon to say, “I told you so!”?

In the heated 2020 presidential election season, Democrats constantly criticized President Trump for his refusal to allow large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers into the United States. Trump’s 15,000 person cap on refugees was a historic low and made him the subject of derision from liberals all over the country. Now, their man is singing to the same tune Trump did. During his election campaign, Biden promised voters that he would increase the number of allowed refugees from Trump’s 15k to 125,000! According to Gustavo Solis of Voice of San Diego, Biden waited until he was inaugurated to amend that number to just over 62k people.

That is still a significant number of people, and wouldn’t have been enough to cause democrats to lose faith in their chosen candidate. To their chagrin, Biden’s administration announced in mid-April that it would not alter the number of allowed refugees implemented by President Trump. That’s right, Biden has decided to only allow the same number of 15,000 refugees into the country. It appears that Biden is thinking ahead to midterm elections and fears that a flooding of the borders will cause major losses.

Another issue President Trump received much criticism over was the acquisition of land on border regions for construction of border barriers. The issue was that Trump claimed such land under eminent domain. When Biden was questioned by NPR whether he would continue with Trump’s lawsuits seeking those land acquisitions, he promptly responded, “End. Stop. Done. Over. Not going to do it. Withdraw the lawsuits. We’re out. We’re not going to confiscate the land.” It seems that Biden is either suffering from memory loss or he is outright lying, because around the same time that Biden reneged on his promise to up the numbers of refugees accepted, the United States Department of Justice seized a Texas family’s six acres of land in Hidalgo County.

President Biden doesn’t care about keeping promises. He is in office and knows it’s too late for the voters to change their minds. This is either because Biden shared the same concerns as Trump or because he is just the typical Machiavellian politician that will say anything to be elected with no regard for how his lies are going to affect the people who believed him. Meanwhile, Biden is confirming what Republicans already knew about him, that he is a sleazy, slimy, typical politician.


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