Last day to vote in 79th Assembly District Election, what to expect from here

Written by Destiny Garcia

If you haven’t already, today, April 6th,  is the last day to cast your vote for Marco Contreras in the 79th Assembly District election!

When any election is taking place, it never fails that there is great anticipation for the results. Unfortunately, the results for the election will likely take longer than expected.

While we will receive part of the election results on Election day, there will still be about 300,000 ballots to be counted that were mailed in. In addition, it will take some time for all the ballots to be collected from the 51 voting polls within the district. Many people who voted by mailing their ballot have until tonight to send it. It is likely those ballots will not be received and counted for another three days.

There are also provisional ballots, which are ballots for those who missed the registration deadline on March 22 but are able to vote, even until election day. When these ballots are received it is essential that they are reviewed to make sure the person who voted has not already voted through another way.

Though the process may seem tedious, it helps to ensure we have a free and fair election. Luckily, there will be frequent updates on the election throughout the day on the Registrar’s office Twitter account.