Newsom Bans New Oil Fracking by 2024

Written by Amanda Angulo

California will stop approving oil fracking in 2024 due to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s new executive order. This could be his way of trying to gain attraction from the Californian environmentalists.

For the past few weeks, Newsom has been quiet regarding the topic of fracking and anything related to oil, but now that the recall against him has been officially approved, he is trying to pull out all the cards he can in order to save his political career. 

However, his latest executive order is very contradictory to a statement he made last year on September 23, in which he stated, “we simply don’t have that authority. That’s why we need the Legislature to approve it.” Did he just suddenly remember that he has the power to use executive orders? Or is he just realizing that he needs to save himself from the recall that will appear on the ballot later this year? The latter is the clearest answer as to what is happening here. 

A spokesperson for the oil industry, Kevin Slagle, mentioned that the Governor is “taking a great legal risk” by using his executive power over the oil industry practices. Slagel continued by stating that the ban “is an illegal mandate and we will use every means to fight it.”

The people working in the oil industries, especially those in San Joaquin Valley, where the majority of the oil fields are, have been criticizing Newsom’s decision as it will lead to a loss of thousands of jobs. 

Sound familiar? Since the start of the pandemic, Newsom has been mishandling the situation and control over the state in regards to COVID-19, so much so, that the closing and reopening of businesses created a trail of job losses and permanent business closures. Now, in an attempt to get the recall to fail, Newsom is trying to please the far left sector of his base that he has a chance of winning over.