Executive Director Has a Major Conflict of Interest with the Chula Vista Police Foundation

Written by Natalia Perez
Political liberal activist Becky Cortez has a major conflict of interest working for the Chula Vista Police Foundation while her husband states he is running for City Attorney.  The Chula Vista Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and not a political organization.  Since being hired as the Executive Director, Becky Cortez has turned off donors from contributing and insulted volunteers if they don’t agree with her politics.  Her hiring was always questionable with her and her husband holding fundraisers for extremist political candidates and being active in the politics of personal destruction.
Since Becky’s husband, the special interest political lobbyist John Moot, announced to many that he is running for City Attorney of Chula Vista, she seems to be turning the nonprofit Police Foundation into a political vehicle to assist in getting her husband elected.  She has attempted to leverage donors to support her husband and has been hostile to people that don’t.  Each dollar received for her husband’s election from Police Foundation donors will reinforce the perception that she is using her contact list and influence as the Executive Director of the nonprofit for political purposes.
The Chula Vista Police Department has a positive reputation.  Keeping the abusive political liberal activist Becky Cortez at the helm will decrease the credibility of the nonprofit Chula Vista Police Foundation and make it appear more and more like a political organization.
The upcoming City Attorney race with Moot versus the Chula Vista Deputy City Attorney Simon Silva looks to be heating up, as Cortez and Moot look to run one of the dirtiest campaigns around against Silva