L.A Teachers Union Supporting Palestinians Over Teachers

Written by Amanda Angulo

On Wednesday, the second-largest teacher’s union in the US, the United Teachers Los Angeles, voted at the meeting of chapter chairs of the UTLA, in support of calling the US to end funding to Israel. Instead of voting on something necessary for their teachers, as it is their job to advocate for them and their rights, are instead voting on foreign policy. 

The resolution they voted in favor of calls for the end of the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah, the bombing of the Gaza Strip, an end to US aid in Israel, and support for Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment Movement (BDS). However, nowhere near the resolution put out by the Harbor City area of chapter chairs discusses how any of this will protect teachers and help them, especially during hybrid classes and the ongoing consequences of the pandemic. 

In fact, it actually is damaging to their reputation. By supporting the Palestineans, the teachers union is then also supporting Palestine’s segregation of co-education schools and classrooms, leaving only 29% of schools to be co-ed. Most schools in Palestine are segregated by gender which completely opposes our educational system in which we encourage everyone to go to school. The United Teachers Los Angeles is wasting their time and effort, and their reason for existing as a union just to be involved in the progressive movement and ignore their real responsibilities as a teacher’s union. Teachers, students, and parents have all been going through rough times during the COVID-19 quarantine and students are still taking classes over Zoom. It is their duty to continue focusing on the teachers and protecting them, especially during the pandemic.