Parent Group Creates Guide For Fighting Critical Race Theory

Written by Jamie Parsons

A national parents group, U.S. Parents Involved In Education (USPIE), has recently published a resource guide for parents who are dealing with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in their local school districts. The objective of the guide is to encourage parents to form coalitions of their own, to address the teaching of CRT in schools.

CRT is a Marxist-based philosophy that welcomes the concept that all social and cultural issues taught in schools should be viewed through the lens of race and ethnicity.

Key points of the guide are:

  • Look to see if CRT is being taught in your school

  • Gathering your facts about why it’s being taught

  • Form a coalition with local like-minded parents

  • Approach the school board

  • Find legislative remedies by talking to elected officials

  • Form a broader state-wide coalition of parents against the teaching of CRT

  • Fight CRT with respect and meet people in your community

Spreading awareness of the USPIE guide will create unity within anti CRT parents and community members. By creating a path for everyone to follow, it makes it easier for people to stay on the same page and eliminate CRT in schools.

The guide can be found here.