California Gas Prices Reach Their Highest Since July 2015

Written by Natalia Toliver

Gas prices are officially the highest they’ve been since July of 2015. According to the AAA and Oil Price Information Service, the average price of gas has risen 34 of the past 39 days, increasing 17.1 cents in less than two months. The gas prices have increased by 98.2 cents since the beginning of this year. The significant increase in prices has been a result of multiple factors. Back in the fall, gas prices rose due to Saudi Arabia Oil production facilities being attacked and LA refineries had slowed or halted production due to maintenance issues and imported gas not being available.

What really contributed was also the decrease in driving in the early stage of the coronavirus pandemic. Last summer, to no one’s surprise, the demand for gas was low, with the stay-at-home order being enacted and many businesses closing. Now that restrictions are being lifted and summer is kicking off, the demand for gas is significantly increasing, while the current supply has remained low.

Right now, experts are not sure when gas prices will drop. Gas production companies are currently looking at what the consumer market will do, and the prices will adjust accordingly. However, for now, Californians are left paying an average of $4.22 for gas with some gas stations in L.A. nearing $6 per gallon. 

With the extreme cost of living already being the highest in the country and taxes showing no sign of slowing down. Californians shouldn’t expect to see these gas prices drop anytime soon as the gas tax continues to force Californians to choose between getting to work, and getting to eat.