Extreme Leftist Supervisors Propose A $1.2 Million Office For Illegal Immigrants

Written by Joseph Perez

In another bid to waste San Diego tax dollars, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Supervisor Nora Vargas have proposed yet another government office. The Office of Immigrant and Refugee affairs seeks to waste taxpayer funds on people attempting to abuse the system. One of the new Offices’ goals will be to place illegal aliens in contact with lawyers to help them stay in the United States despite the fact that they violated the law and came here illegally. This wasteful committee will cost taxpayers over $1 million for 5 full-time employees.

Instead of investing that money in the hard-working American families and businesses who have suffered greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic, Vargas and Fletcher want to spend San Diegan’s hard-earned dollars on people who have yet to contribute anything positive to American society. This committee will hamper ICE and the Border Patrol’s ability to successfully enforce the laws of the United States of America.

By continuing to promote open border policies such as this, supervisors Fletcher and Vargas are single-handedly placing their constituents and the entirety of San Diego County at risk. By making the process easier for those who have no respect for American laws and coming across the border illegally, we can expect an increase in crime and a decrease in jobs for American citizens. The official proposal will be presented to the County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.