Fauci’s Email Release Shows The Dark Side Of Leftist Journalists

Written by Natalia Toliver

Recently Doctor Fauci’s emails throughout the pandemic have been released exposing the media’s true character. The job of a journalist is to report the truth unbiased, yet these emails expose the twisted nature of the media and their goal to simply manipulate. Within the last couple of months, we have seen influential conservatives censored over many different platforms. This issue has never been addressed under the current administration, yet journalists were scavenging for some sort of proof of censorship under the Trump administration. Repeatedly, journalists have asked Doctor Fauci for instances of censorship under the Trump administration. As stated in the emails, no such censorship had ever occurred. As Fauci has stated, “I have been very explicit in stating publicly that I am not being muzzled or censored.”  

Journalists tried to pin the approval of information from the White House as censorship. Fauci addressed this “concern” in one of his emails. He states that he had never received orders to get approval from the Vice President to speak on the coronavirus. However, since the Reagan administration, there has always been a routine clearing process with your department who then clears it with the White House. Since Fauci has held his position over the past 35 years, he has always received clearance with very few exceptions, which has usually been because the President was making an important announcement. 

These emails exposed journalists not reporting the truth but instead seeking biased information and reporting false accusations of censorship. With these emails having just been released, one would think that these would be the topic of the day, yet today the White House Press Corps stayed silent about the emails.