Kamala’s “Diplomacy” Isn’t Working

Written by Jonathan Du Fault

Vice President Harris did not receive the warm welcome to Guatemala she thought she would. Instead, she was met by signs reading “Trump won,” “Mind your own business,” and other signs claiming that Trump won the 2020 election. 

Harris is spending this week in Central America on her first international trip since taking office. This is part of an effort to what she calls finding the “root causes” of the migration surge at the southern border. President Biden and she believe the issue is not the lack of security and enforcement at the border, but an issue in our neighboring countries. 

This international effort has come before Harris has even visited the U.S.-Mexico border. Even with a major crisis occurring and a 21-year illegal immigration high, Harris continues to act as if all is normal. The Vice President continues to brush off questions on when she will visit the southern border. In an interview with Lester Holt, she claimed that “we have been to the border,” but did not specify when she would be personally visiting.  

Vice President Harris claimed in her speech in Guatemala that “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. There are legal methods by which migration can and should occur, but we, as one of our priorities, will discourage illegal migration. And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back.” She also told everyone to “not come” stating that they would be turned away. 

Since Biden assumed office in January, over 60,000 migrants have been released into the United States without a court date. Yet, Harris claims that the understaffed and overwhelmed  Border Patrol will still be enforcing migration laws.