New Info Sheds Light On What Actually Happened During Coronado’s “Tortilla-Gate”

The atrocity that occurred in Coronado at the championship basketball game on June 19th was absolutely orchestrated. It was the anniversary of the day that Republicans enforced the Emancipation Proclamation and told slaves in Texas that Southern Democrats did NOT have the right to own them. So, it will be hard to forget that date. 

Tortilla-gate in Coronado was planned to inflame the leftist claim of racism in the small town. A quick online review of the Hispanic union leader, socialist activist, and former Coronado Democrat Club member Luke Serna shows that he is intent on promoting the communist agenda. He resigned from the club after he was caught as the instigator: buying, distributing, and ensuring children that the tossing of tortillas would be appropriate.

The last few Coronado Unified School Board (CUSD) meetings were dominated by a multitude of parents and grandparents, who are concerned about the institution of the No Place for Hate (NPfH) program in  Coronado schools. The NPfH 56-page handbook illustrates the Anti Defamation League’s Marxist agenda. 

Americans are Americans because they and their ancestors understand that we are the Land Of The Free because we have rejected socialist and communist governments and their ideologies and tyrannies. NPfH teaches students to become socialist activists and divides society and classrooms by race and class. Children are asked to sign pledges without parental input. 

Coronado schools (as can be assumed, all modern school systems) reject any forms of racism and any form of bullying. The policies are long in place. No school system needs to modify a system that already rejects bigotry. No one wants hate in their school system. Students are already taught in elementary school not to bully one another. 

The uprising of conservatives, speaking against Marxist indoctrination in our schools, was almost immediately followed by a democrat, socialist,  union activist fanning the flames of “racism” within the Coronado community at a basketball game that would certainly bring tons of publicity to the leftist agenda.

Significantly, the very first post of tortilla-gate on Coronado social media  had its very first comment by Coronado Democrat Club VP Brian Trotier,  “The CUSD clearly needs the No Place for Hate and an equity action plan  more than ever.” Trotier’s attempt at intimidating people from speaking at the June 17th school board meeting by photographing all attendees as  they entered the building and then entering the lobby and taking a photo of attendees in the meeting room. Trotier entered the CUSD lobby without a mask, violating liberal county regulations about masking on school campuses. He did not offer his own public comment on the issue. He did not even attend the school board meeting. Did he not have a logical argument for these socialist agendas? 

Trotier resumed taking photographs of attendees as they exited the building, referring to perfect strangers as the enemy. He promised to expose the photos to the community. He taunted some of the men and told them that in 2-3 weeks, they would regret being here. Was he referring to a special upcoming event of the Coronado Democrat Club? 

So, what could the Democrats do next? They could flame racism within  Coronado. If you need to promote Critical Race Theory, why not make the whole world THINK that racism was rampant in the small community?  Even very liberal community members stated on social media that they felt that our entire town had been pranked.  

Of course, the CUSD Special Meeting that was called on June 22nd was well attended by professional communist activists that have absolutely NO  connection to Coronado. Their perspectives of what happened at the game can have no bearing on the Coronado school system. Their presence was meant to intimidate. The activists conveniently ignored the well-spoken speech by the African-American captain of the Coronado basketball team. They called his team racist. 

Days after that, the Imperial Beach Peoples Alliance posted on Instagram that they would March on Coronado. This act was in reaction to the treatment of Hispanic Orange Glen High School players and to expose  Coronado as an island of racists. They graffitied the Coronado High  School with Antifa signs and ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) and marched through the streets without a permit, but ironically with police protection.  They waved BLM flags and the flag of Mexico.

The question becomes: will the IB Peoples Alliance now march in Escondido for the behavior endured by Coronado’s black athletes, who were called the N-word? Will Escondido’s Superintendent and their school board apologize to the Coronado athletes? place-for-hate