Union Protects Sexual Predator Over 50 Full Time Professors

Written by Will Seykora

You may remember last month when we wrote about Dr. Chetan Kumar, who was accused of sexual misconduct and acting inappropriately with a student. He was defended by the California Faculty Association (CFA), which appealed to the school and got his punishment reduced to a four-month paid leave and a three-month suspension without pay.

However, the CFA falls under the jurisdiction of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), a national professors union that supports far-left education policies like Critical Race Theory. Last week, long-time President of National University, David Andrews, resigned. National University also fired around 50 full0time professors in 2020 and six associate vice presidents over the past week. This sparked an immediate investigation into the University headed by the AAUP who then sanctioned the school “for substantial noncompliance with standards of academic government.”

But what does sanctioning the school actually do for the professors that have been fired? Well, nothing actually. In reality, all this sanction will do is possibly lower student and faculty applicants. Michael Berube, an AAUP investigator stated according to a Times of San Diego article, “That’s really the purpose of sanction, not simply to name and shame but to get institutions to do the right thing.”

While this may seem like a killing blow to a University it actually had little to no effect on how they function, this can be seen by the fact that AAUP has numerous institutions that have been on their sanctioned institutions list for over 15 years. For example, Elmira College in New York had only 1,100 students in 1997, the year before it was sanctioned. It had 2,110 applicants with an acceptance rate of 85% last year.

So what does this mean for the professors who were fired over the past year? It means that until the AAPU sets its priorities straight, the union thinks protecting sexual predators is more important than protecting professors who were unfairly fired.