Between a rock and a lockdown: How Newsom Could Commit Political Suicide

Written by Jamie Parsons

As the September 14 recall gets closer, Newsom finds himself facing another battle. Just a little over a month ago, Governor Newsom fully reopened California which received both positive and negative feedback. The COVID-19 positivity rate has now skyrocketed from 0.7% to 5.2%, causing some California Counties to consider another lockdown. However, if Newsom were to declare another lockdown, he would fail to get support from millions of voters who are just getting back to work. Whether Newsom decides to do something or not, Newsom will never have full support from the California voters which is bad for his recall election.

According to CalMatters, “With the Sept. 14 recall election hanging over his head, Newsom has avoided commenting directly on whether he would reinstate mask requirements or lockdown measures, instead emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated.” This shows Newsom has decided to take the “safe” route by ignoring lockdown requests, all at the same time distracting the public with the significance of getting vaccinated, in order to hide his lack of initiative.

The next obstacle Newsom has to get over before the recall is schools reopening in the summer. Last week, California parent groups sued Newsom over a requirement to issue students wear masks to schools. Cal Matters also said, “a federal appeals court ruled Friday that California violated parents’ rights by keeping private schools closed amid the pandemic.” As these two things are wins for the anti-lockdown voters, it’s a loss for the opposite side and Newsom.

As lawsuits against COVID-19 restrictions are getting thrown left and right, and coronavirus cases continue to rise, Newsom struggles to find a solution that will make every Californian happy. With the recall election coming in 2 months, any COVID-19 decision Newsom decides to make will result in a loss of votes. Though this is bad news for Newsom and the Democrat party, it’s a sign of hope for the rest of California and a chance to take back their once prosperous Golden State.