California Lacks Its Own Electricity, Is Newsom To Blame?

Written by Amanda Angulo

Newsom is killing off the oil industry due to his ban on oil fracking by 2024, as well as removing and getting rid of nuclear, both being a source of energy. 

In addition, he is also using our tax dollars in order to tear down a dam in Oregon that produces hydroelectric power as well as provide water for the state of California. Not only is he getting rid of our main sources of energy, but he is also allowing for the theft of other state’s energy and electricity. This will result in states as far away as Texas experiencing blackouts and a higher cost in energy.

On Friday morning, California declared a “Flex Alert” that mentioned mandated solar and wind power will not suffice in reliability to keep the lights on. So in order to keep lights on in our Golden State, Newsom will be stealing from other states. This is backed by a ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) which allows the state to hijack electricity that other states, such as Arizona already have contracted to receive. 

California is also mandating for a large increase in the share of renewable energy to 60% by 2030 and by 2045 will increase to 100%. Yet they are banning coal-fired power contracts that provide energy to California from out of state. These mandates are very contradictory to what they seek to achieve and it is at the cost of other state’s energy and electricity. Texas has already experienced a large power outage this year and could potentially get in the middle of one very soon due to Newsom and Democratic mandates. 

However, Newsom and his administration are aware that the fear of losing power could potentially push him over the edge for the recall election that is coming up on Sept. 14th, so state grid operators are buying power around the West. This is not a viable solution. Newsom and Democrats are looking for the quickest solution for a day at a time when in reality, they should be doing real work and figuring out a way to start preserving energy and find a way to use our own state’s resources for renewable energy. Stealing other states’ electricity and energy will cost them their own blackouts/brownouts when they were responsible enough to actually have that energy saved for their own constituents.