California Republican Party Set To Decide On Recall Endorsement

Written by Will Seykora

The California Republican Party has approved the start of the endorsement process for this September’s Recall. This means that the state party will need to choose between over 20 candidates to back in replacing Newsom.

This move drew praise from one of the recalls top candidates, John Cox who ran against Newsom in 2018, said he won’t be participating in the endorsement process as he believes this is an attempt to rig the vote in favor of former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. Meanwhile, Faulconer’s campaign team said the endorsement process would prove to be extremely divisive. However, Faulconer’s campaign manager said he would hope to receive the endorsement if the process continues.

To receive an endorsement, a candidate would need to receive at least 60% of the votes from party delegates, however, delegates don’t need to choose a candidate to back. They can instead vote “no endorsement” if none of the candidates catch their eyes.

This process could either split the party between two candidates and cause Republicans to lose sight of recalling Newsom, or it could bring all Republicans under the flag of one Republican candidate hoping to replace Newsom after a year of lockdowns and extreme government control.

No matter what happens during the endorsement process Californians are going to be faced with a choice between at least another year of Newsom or a chance at a fresh start with a Republican who brings new ideas to California leadership.