California’s Unemployment Rate Has Stayed Static Over The Past 2 Months

Written by Destiny Garcia-Rodriguez

Unemployment rates in California may confuse those who do not live here giving the impression we are still under a lockdown. With lockdown orders released by Governor Gavin Newsom during the pandemic, he used Coronavirus as a scapegoat. According to Newsom the economy of California is “roaring back” due to the new jobs that are being created. Regardless of Gavin’s claims, the unemployment rate has not made any significant change.

The California unemployment rate has stayed at 7.7% from May to June. Just in June over 73,500 jobs opened up allowing for a greater opportunity for one to be employed yet only around 24,500 of the positions were filled. Though more jobs have become available somehow the number of unemployed increased by about 11,000 people.

This is a result of Gavin Newsom extending benefits and rates for those receiving or applying for unemployment which discourages those people from searching for employment because they benefit more from depending on the government. 

San Diego itself has seen a .7% increase in unemployment despite the positions that have opened for those in need of a job.

Photo via Associated Press