Could A Retired Power Plant Be The Answer For California’s Blackouts?

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

With the excessive heat wave rolling in, Californians have experienced power shortages due to an overwhelmed power grid. So when Governor Newsom instructed the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, and the California Independent System Operator to investigate the cause of the power shortages, they found three reasons.

First was the massive heatwave that has risen in temperature due to climate change. The second factor was California’s inability to plan for the heatwave and the electrical needs of its people. Finally, the third reason was a lack of backup power sources. Put together all three causes led to an unpredictable power outage.

Because of the rolling blackouts from the electrical grids, the California State Water Resources Control Board is considering renewing an ocean-cooled power plant in Redondo Beach. Unfortunately, the plant will shut down in two years as a means of turning away from ocean-cooled plants towards other forms of renewable energy. However, this plant helped Californians in June this year and August 2020 during power shortages due to heat waves demanding more electricity.

Newsom, however, would rather spend billions of dollars on massive solar farms that provide little energy for Californians, especially those living away from the coast, than invest in common-sense solutions like the ocean-cooled power plant. Instead, Newsom should support practical solutions for the good of the people and his own sake, which will only exacerbate the recall effort. That, plus a new potential lockdown, could see Gavin Newsom officially out of office, bringing a fresh, Republican governor who will take care of our great state as no Democrat ever will.