Darrell Issa And Jim Jordan Investigating Illegal Disclosure Of Thousands Of Tax Returns

Written by Sasha Reva

Californian Congressman Darrell Issa and Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan shared that they are investigating the huge illegal disclosure of IRS tax returns of thousands of American citizens that were published in multiple of articles by ProPublica in June. 

The Internal Revenue Service was used to target some of the political opponents especially when there is an election coming around, but now they are leaking innocent people’s private information. 

 The Biden administration suggested making it double the size of the IRS and hiring 87,000 new agents, however, Darrell Issa believes that we should hold the IRS accountable right now because there is no time to wait. Recently, investigative newsroom ProPublica posted an article about getting information which includes a lot of data about tax returns of thousands of the richest people, for more than 15 years. 

Since all of the tax returns have lots of personal information, all of the information should be confidential. ProPublica claimed that when all of the information was leaked, President Biden and Congress are considering the increases in tax returns for almost twice the amount on those with high incomes, which are the most aggressive tax increases in decades. Darrell Issa is fighting for our people and our freedom and we are looking forward to the investigation on the IRS tax returns leaks and tax increases.