Democrats Defunding Police And Spending Millions On Self-Protection

Written by Amanda Angulo

Across the United States, there have been 25 cities that have made official budget cuts, or have proposed budget cuts from the police departments. Yet, elected Democrat officials from those cities are benefiting from their own paid private security detail through the police. This has caused millions of dollars from the taxpayers. 

In Chicago, Illinois, it has been found that the city had spent over $17.3 million for five years to guard “unnamed city officials”. In addition, since 2020, the security detail cost has peaked at over $700,000 over five years. In 2015, $2.7 million was spent for 16 police officers, whereas last year in 2020, $3.4 million was spent for 22 police officers, which is the most ever seen.

In San Francisco, while Mayor London Breed diverted $120 million from police departments to health programs and workforce training, the city spent $12.4 million from 2015-2020 to protect the mayor. In this city, the police officers that are part of the security detail have been labeled as “peace officers”

In San Diego, the city had budgeted $2.6 million for 12 full-time officers to protect Mayor Todd Gloria. However, not only was it allocated for him but as well as city council during meetings, and for the city administration building security. Yet, while the city is spending all that money to protect themselves, they claim to be supportive of the “Defund the Police” movement as they have cut $4.3 million from the police overtime budget. They did not stop there. They also included $1 million to set up a police oversight body.

Are the Democrats really in support of this or are they trying to save face and go along with what the extremists want?

Photo via PSI Security