Is California Headed Back Towards A Lockdown This Fall?

Written by Greg Marchetto

Yesterday, California officially began the process of a long-dreaded re-entry into lockdown, officially agreeing with the CDC’s guidance on mask wearing. In the two previous months in which California has remained open and done away with mask-wearing, small businesses have had the chance to financially recover from the last year and families……..

The California mask guidance includes individuals who are vaccinated as well, who may still be able to transmit the Delta variant. While an early report showed high vaccine effectiveness for the Delta variant, new studies demonstrated that our understanding of the vaccine’s antibodies on neutralizing the Delta strain are still shaky

Additionally, this news comes on top of many businesses across the states requiring customers to show vaccination cards before being served. The constant shift in messaging between vaccination and mask-wearing has been a constant point of confusion from democrat politicians. On one hand, Democrats have been strongly pushing for the vaccine, blaming those who refuse to receive the non-FDA approved drug for the virus still being around (usually pinning the blame on republicans). 

While this political strategy may work, it relies on the basic assumption that the vaccine is fully effective against all instances of the virus. As we’ve found out in the last few weeks, this may not be true. On the other hand, by re-instituting mask mandates California democrats are admitting their gamble backfired and playing with fire with the recall election coming up.