Jen Psaki: If You’re Banned On One Social Media Platform, You Should Be Banned On All Of Them

Written by Jamie Parsons

White House Press Secretary, Jenn Psaki,  just announced they are going to be working with Facebook in order to flag posts that are spreading misinformation about COVID vaccines. Psaki elaborated on her announcement by saying, those who spread misinformation on one social media platform, should be banned from all social media platforms. However, in her briefing, she failed to describe what type of information is going to be classified as “misinformation” and how banning accounts doesn’t interfere with free speech.

On July 16th, Jenn Psaki had a press briefing defending the White House program to monitor and alert Facebook for vaccine “misinformation” posted on the platform. What this means is that the White House will define what “misinformation” looks like, and will have power over censorship.

Censoring misinformation about COVID vaccines is not a bad idea unless the power gets into the wrong hands. For example, according to The Hill, “Until about one month ago, Facebook censored posts about COVID possibly originating in a lab in Wuhan, China. Many in the media and in the Democratic Party called it a reckless conspiracy theory. Now suddenly it’s a real possibility, as even some Democrats are conceding.” Facebook already has a record of cooperating with the Democrat Party and being biased towards which posts they censor.

Facebook also has a history of working with the Biden family. For instance, before the 2020 election, Facebook suppressed and censored posts about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. It was until the election was over that it was revealed that Hunter is currently under federal investigation.

By allowing the White House to collaborate with Facebook, it is just history waiting to repeat itself; however, this time they would be doing it with “authorization”. With this new power given to the Democrat party, there is no telling how much information they will censor from the public and how many people they will ban from social media. Overall, the Democrat party would rather protect their party and the Biden Family, than preserve our freedom of speech.

Photo via NBC4 Washington