New York City Bribing It’s Citizens To Get The Vaccine

Written by Amanda Angulo

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made up a plan in order to get a higher turnout to get vaccines. He wants to offer them a $100 incentive for the unvaccinated. On Wednesday, Blasio made the announcement at a press conference, “it does not get better than that,” he said. 

Starting by Friday, they will begin to hand out the cash prize to residents and employees who have made an appointment at city-run vaccination sites. Officials at the press conferences also added that first-timers will be mailed a debit card or issued a digital one via email. 

At the conference, he also mentioned that those who have already been vaccinated did “the right thing” and thanked them. “But, we understand it’s been a huge amount of misinformation … particularly through social media getting anything but the truth. We got a lot we’ve got to overcome,” he said. 

In New York City, over 9 million doses of the vaccine have been administered. However, Blasio said that over 59% of the city’s population have received at least the first COVID-19 shot, but that is not enough. 

We’ve seen this happen in our own state of California. Governor Newsom also made million-dollar prizes for a handful of individuals, whose names were not disclosed, yet it fell short in the outcome they wished for. Millions of dollars were wasted because not enough people turned out, despite the higher incentive offered in California. With New York doing the same, and still not knowing the exact budget to throw money away, we can expect another shortcoming with this bribery.