Newsom Orders All State Employees And Healthcare Workers To Show Proof Of Vaccination

Written by Will Seykora

Gavin Newsom announced that all state employees and healthcare workers will now have to show proof of their vaccination or be forced to test for COVID every week.

This comes as rising COVID cases flood California, which has led to an average of 9.6 cases per 100,000 residents, up from 1.7 cases per 100,000 residents in May. The verification system is expected to start next week with full compliance being required by August 23rd, the verification system will also go into place across all healthcare sectors, private and public.

Newsom quickly received praise from healthcare unions. Sal Rosselli, president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers stated “The National Union of Healthcare Workers applauds Gov. Gavin Newsom for taking bold and timely action to protect the health of caregivers and patients, and slow the spread of COVID-19 when cases and hospitalizations are once again surging in California and across the country.”

Now, many other officials are urging other businesses to follow in the footsteps of the state, forcing their employees to get the vaccine or face the social repercussions. Many Californians already feel pressured by unions to join or be forced to quit their jobs, now workers will have to worry about their peers judging them for their personal health choices.

Newsom has found the perfect work-around for vaccine mandates, by forcing thousands of healthcare workers to provide their vaccination status he has created an environment where Californians could face immense peer pressure into getting the vaccine.