Outbreak In California Capitol Leads To New Local Mask Mandates

By Greg Marchetto

Just a month ago, Gavin Newsom’s lockdown orders, including mandatory masking, finally came to an end, a relief to citizens across California. Despite daily new cases and deaths reaching all time lows for several straight months, democrats like Newsome refused to budge on lockdown policy, relishing every last second of emergency power.

A recent outbreak at the California Capitol building has now put Democrats in a pickle. According to California’s Senate secretary, the Capitol recorded 9 new cases last week, which she called “an outbreak.” The California Capitol has 120 assembly members and senators total, and perhaps 2-4 times as many staffers, workers, and capitol secretaries when all taken into account. Additionally, members of Congress have jobs that require some of the most person-to-person interaction, including hearings, campaign events, and much more. So can we really consider this an outbreak?

The Democrat’s response to the so-called “outbreak” was to issue a masking mandate in all legislative and administrative buildings, regardless of vaccination status. The new mandate puts the Democrat’s optics in a pickle. This week, President Joe Biden doubled down on his vaccination program, promising to send government officials door-to-door to ease vaccine hesitancy. Democrats have touted the vaccine as an all-encompassing solution to the pandemic, even though the vaccine is not FDA approved and has caused blood clotting and other heart problems in young adults. Thus, recent controversy has arisen from Democrats making vaccinations a mandate across many workplaces, instead of a personal liberty.

The Capitol “outbreak” tells a story Democrats don’t want to hear: 4 of the 9 recorded cases were from individuals that were fully vaccinated. This follows recent studies that suggest individuals are still being infected with the virus even after being vaccinated. So after months of Democratic support for the vaccine, we may be headed back to square one- masking up once again.

While the vaccine isn’t perfect, it is still highly effective in preventing new infections. However, concerns about the new vaccine technology are still reasonable, and a choice that every citizen is allowed to make for themselves. It’s also clear that Democrats aren’t actually interested in the science of pandemic prevention. Masking up and getting the vaccine are just means for more power-grabbing. COVID-19 is here for the long haul. With new variants arising around the world, we must learn how to live with the virus instead of in fear. While individuals 65 years and older are at higher risk, the rest of the population is largely unaffected, even if they do catch the virus. Returning to work, schools, and our everyday lives without having to wear a mask is an important step for all Americans. After all, humans aren’t born with a mask on their face.