Secession Growing In Popularity Since The 2020 Election

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

A striking new poll from Bright Line Watch and YouGov found that 37% of respondents wanted their state to secede from America. Pollsters asked participants if they were open to their state leaving the Union and forming a new government with other states from their respective regions, such as the Pacific, Mountains, Heartland, South, and Northeast.

In each region, the majority ideological leaning preferred secession. For example, in the Northeast and Pacific areas, more Democrats favored secession, while in the South and Mountains, Republicans wanted secession. And in the Heartland, which has an even mix of liberals and conservatives, Independents ranked highest in their will to leave the U.S. The survey acknowledged that answers reflect initial reactions to the current state of affairs and the radical nature of secession. Yet support for separation has grown in the past months, particularly among Southern Republicans.

Bright Line Watch and YouGov initially thought that “By this summer, we anticipated, political tempers may have cooled — not necessarily as a result of any great reconciliation but perhaps from sheer exhaustion after the relentless drama of Trump.” Instead, Southern Republicans championing a breakaway rose from 50% following January 6 to over 66% after June.

This comes as Joe Biden has managed to divide Americans further rather than unify us with his phony message of ‘Build Back Better.’ Biden has inflated the economy with massive spending packages, abandoned our allies in their time of need, and likened voter integrity bills to ‘Jim Crow’ suppression acts against minorities. Republicans may feel crushed and ready to leave, but hope is not lost.

Rather than give up on the American experiment, we have to come back stronger and hit the Democrats hard in 2022. America is a beacon of light, a city on a hill, an exceptional nation priding itself on liberty and rights for all. We must remain one in the face of adversity and continue to fight for the freedom and dignity of all Americans as the Founders intended.

Photo via Reason