Shield Of David: On The Front Lines Of Fighting Antisemitism In San Diego

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

On July 25, 2021, Shield of David hosted its We Are Israel rally to unite Christians and Jews against antisemitism and towards standing with Israel. The event featured many vital speakers, such as El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, Gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, and former Secretary of State (and possible presidential candidate) Mike Pompeo. Each speaker shared stories of confronting antisemitism and their solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Although many critics lambast Israel as an apartheid state, it should be noted that people of all races and ethnicities were present at the event, such as black and Latino solidarity groups for Israel and Iranian and Lebanese guests. There were many moments of pure celebration of how far America has come in its toleration of Jews and Israel. Still, antisemitism is on the rise once again in one form or another.

Jennifer Karlan, a student activist Club Z graduate, said it best when she characterized antisemitism as a mutating virus that changes forms and has now evolved from Jew-hatred to anti-Israel sentiment. But what the Left and the Democratic party at large fail to understand is that these forms of bigotry are identical. Anti-Zionism is inherently anti-semitic because it denies Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state and fails to recognize that before Israel’s founding, Jews were routinely victims of state-sponsored hate crimes all over Europe and the Middle East. And yet they think that wiping Israel off the map will decrease antisemitism, insert face-palm.

Criticism of Israeli policy is healthy and vital for conversing about the Jewish state. But when people use the same antisemitic canards about Jews to smear Israel as an oppressor, it’s a perfect example of the new “politically correct” antisemitism widely accepted by the so-called progressives.

Not only that, but antisemitism lurks even within the halls of Congress from the most far-left members. Even worse, the rest of the Dems stand by as “the Squad” demonizes Israelis for merely defending themselves, continuing to propagate the oldest form of hatred. It’s about damn time that the Democratic party stands up to all forms of intolerance, not just the ones that are convenient to their narrative, and stop taking their Jewish constituents for granted.

Do not let the Left brainwash you into thinking Israel is the aggressor when Israel is the only enclave of human rights found in the Middle East. Though the Left isn’t too keen on individual rights themselves.