There’s A Socialist Looking To Steal Darrell Issa’s Seat, Should We Be Worried?

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

People of California’s 50th district, are you tired of Darrell Issa, who works tirelessly to help improve your lives while simultaneously promoting free-market capitalism, is tough on crime, and supports our allies? Sure these strategies work, but as some will tell you, they hurt their feelings. Wouldn’t you rather have a representative who supports socialism, an ideology that’s never failed (except everywhere it’s been tried)? Is the idea of a candidate who thinks he can win in one of the most conservative districts in California appealing to you? If you like what you hear, meet your next candidate for Congress.

Jose Cortes, who gained notoriety for crashing a Carl DeMaio event and marching with antisemitic Palestinian sympathizers, is challenging Issa in the 2022 midterms. Comrade Cortes initially ran back in 2020, where he received 0.9% of the vote in the Democratic primary, but has promising hopes of running again in 2022 and defeating Issa.

Cortes says he became a socialist after Alfred Olango, a Ugandan refugee, was killed by police outside his dentist’s office. Cortes soon became a civil rights activist; this was the turning point for him, not as a single high school dropout who still lives with mommy and daddy and flunked economics, but as a true hero to the masses. It’s also interesting that for all the Left’s insistence on debunking racial and ethnic stereotypes and the dangers of generalizations, they use a few police shootings of black or other minority people to justify their hatred of cops and propagate the myth of institutional racism.

In an interview with him, Cortes expressed his support for the communist dictatorship of Cuba, remarking how great the country is for eliminating illiteracy, providing free healthcare, free housing, and free education. However, he also believes that working-class people can’t favor capitalism, thinks that Jesus loved abortions, and says that assuming there are only two genders equates to murdering trans people.

But his view of socialism is perhaps the scariest aspect about him. It is not necessarily that he favors socialism but the sheer ignorance of the failed economic plan. Cortes explained that we could learn from the Russian, Chinese, and Cuban revolutions in which working-class people took control of the economy and wiped out all disparity in income, except that didn’t happen. In Cuba, healthcare is free, but citizens must provide their bandages and light bulbs while doctors reuse latex gloves. In China, mothers who have more than two children are forcibly sterilized to control the population. And in the USSR, Stalin made people “disappear” for minor offenses and future crimes that people could have committed. But in all cases, only the leaders benefitted while the masses, including the working class, suffered in silence and starvation. Comrade Cortes is an embarrassment to hard-working blue-collar workers, and he should never have the honor of serving this great nation.