Unions Are Encouraging Teachers To Break The Law

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

The Left’s war on America rages on as they’ve taken over all our major institutions: the government, the media, businesses, and now our school systems. The teachers’ unions continue to push Critical Race Theory in public schools despite the racist motives behind this evil ideology. Red states have mobilized against the unions with laws banning CRT. But now, not even the rule of law can stop the Left.

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, said that she supported teachers who defied state laws against critical race theory by teaching their students CRT anyways. Weingarten endorsed Ibram X. Kendi’s teachings of “How to Be an Antiracist.” Yet his work focuses on demonizing all white people as racist and oppressive, calls for a federal board to strike down any law that results in disparate outcomes by race, and believes that past discrimination requires new discrimination to level the playing field.

Weingarten claimed that CRT is really about teaching the natural history of America that focuses on the nation’s past sins. Yes, America does have a racist past of slavery, Jim Crow, and other horrible mistreatments of black people and other minorities. But the history of America is one of triumph over the evil of slavery and segregation. Our story is overcoming baseless hatred and living up to our founding principles and equality for all. Our children deserve to have the authentic account of America heard. But the Left only sees the U.S. as a corrupt system of power that subjugates women and minorities and vows to fight for the rights of all “oppressed” people.

The problem with labeling all power systems as racist and bigoted is that they end up contradicting themselves. Take Israel and Palestine. The Left has demonized Israel as an apartheid state and oppressor of the Palestinians, simultaneously spreading a false narrative while propagating vicious antisemitic canards. The Left also focuses on advancing LGBT people in society, but only to introduce sexual identities to children, viewing these people only as tokens and not individuals. Yet if one examined the status of LGBT people in Israel and Palestine, one would see that the former is a champion for LGBT rights while the other throws gay people off of buildings. How tolerant indeed.