What Are The Odds Trump Runs In 2024?

Written by Nathaniel Mannor

President Trump continues to defy his critics’ expectations from the beginning of the 2016 GOP primaries to the runup for the 2022 midterms. He took the political stage by storm in 2015 when he announced his presidential campaign and shocked audiences by winning against Crooked Hillary Clinton. Even after his 2020 re-election loss, Trump remains in the political arena by attending campaign rallies for Republican candidates. But the million-dollar question still waits to be answered: Will Trump run in 2024.

“Yes,” Trump responded when Sean Hannity on Fox News asked the former president if he had made up his mind about running again. Trump has repeatedly hinted that he plans to seek a second term as president and the rest of the party supports him. In a Quinnipiac University Poll from May 18-24, 66% of Republicans support President Trump running again, and 85% of respondents want future Republican candidates to hold Trumpian positions.

But what if Trump doesn’t run in 2024? There’s speculation that Florida Governor Ron Desantis will run for the presidency as the unofficial frontrunner of the GOP. His impressive handling of COVID-19, matched with his unwillingness to kowtow to Biden’s radical agenda, will likely make him a likely successor to Trump and his base, provided the former president doesn’t run again.

Additionally, we could see the candidacy of Trumpian senators like Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Tim Scott, and even the conservative pop-culture sensation Candace Owens could end up running for president. With 2024 fast approaching, it’s safe to say that there are enough qualified Republican candidates to take the White House.

Photo via CNN