$2.7 Billion Bond Lingers In California

Written by: Stephen Frank

California does not have a water shortage— we allow millions of acre-feet of water each day to flow into the ocean instead of being used by people. Pres. Trump offered to expand the Shasta Dam by 100 feet, totally paid for by the Federal taxpayers— and Governor Newsom said we did not need water, allowing his ego to interfere and turned down aid from then President Trump. Ironically, this is the same Newsom that uses California tax dollars to demolish a dam in Oregon that provides millions with water and power.

No, we do not have a shortage of water. However, we have a surplus of arrogant, corrupt politicians who use our tax dollars to run residents out of the state while simultaneously accommodating illegal aliens.

“It’s been seven years since drought-wracked California raked in $2.7 billion in bond funds that promised construction of reservoirs to capture excess water runoff during winters.”

The money is sitting in a bank account without a single shovel of dirt overturned to construct eight above-ground water holding facilities. Meanwhile, governors and local politicians over the years have called for urban water cutbacks and even rationing for farmers who have watched crops wither and die due to decreased water supply.

All of this is due to the state’s bureaucratic controls that cause major construction projects to take decades to complete. This dichotomy is starkly apparent at the nation’s tallest dam, Oroville, which is at its lowest level ever, with only one-third of its water supply remaining. Is this massive corruption or massive stupidity? Either way, the people of California are suffering.


Photo Credibility: California Department of Water Resources