A Scientific Case Against Masks

Written by: Stephen Frank

Much debate has circled around regarding how effective masks are. Many schools and businesses have reinstated their mask policies in the wake of the Delta Variant. However, this begs the question: do masks provide protection, or are they just another mechanism used by the Government to manipulate citizens?

Cultural commentator, Allie Beth Stuckey, has been asking herself the same question. She has done her due diligence in compiling scientific-based information that finally gives us better insight into this mask debate.

Since the initial outbreak of the pandemic, Sweden has never mandated masks. In January 2021, a survey was conducted where only 12% of Swedes said they wore a mask all the time, and 59% said they never did. Let’s put this into perspective and compare these numbers to America’s, where 93% of adults report that they sometimes or often wear masks, and 72% say they always do. So, you might be wondering, how has Sweden been progressing throughout the pandemic? Against the left’s wildest dreams, the Swedes have not experienced anything worse than Americans. In fact, their death rate attributed to Covid19 is lower than other European countries, such as Great Britain, which has established strict mask mandates on their people.

If Sweden does not pose a convincing argument, then consider this:

Like the United States, Israel reinstated their mask mandate in concern of overwhelming their healthcare workers. However, this did not help out too much because Israel’s cases have risen at the same rate as other countries. For instance, the Netherlands, which did the exact opposite as Israel.

Wearing a mask is not about health or safety. It is about command and control. How lacking in common sense and use of science can the American public become? The government wants to see if it says so, would you jump off a cliff. Apparently, many Americans would.


Picture Credibility: Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty