All CA National Forests Temporarily Shut Down

Written by: Skyler Dale

The USDA Forest Service announced that all of California’s national forests will be temporarily shut down due to wildfire concerns. The closure will be in effect from Tuesday, Aug. 31st, through Friday, Sept. 17th.

According to the USDA’s press release, the order is effective for all national forests, excluding the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest because it is not included in the Pacific Southwest Region. The USDA also exempted specific individuals such as those with a special forest service permit or eligible landowners/lessees.

This order comes as California is experiencing one of its worst fire seasons ever, mainly because of the governor’s neglect to ensure proper fire safety protocols for high-risk land. Many experts are attributing the dry conditions as the main factor for the destructive wildfires this year.

Newsom has done a poor job in mitigating that risk. He has been hands-off in much of the land throughout California, leading to thousands upon thousands of acres being completely devastated. Newsom must manage California’s grounds to be resilient to fire threats, or else Californians are going to have to get used to seeing the hazy smoke every summer.

Photo from: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images