Andrew Hayes Pushes Back On Sacramento’s Mask Mandate In Schools

“Our students deserve to receive a quality education and their parents deserve to make the choice that is best for their families.”

Lakeside School Board Member Andrew Hayes has been joined by 12 school board members from around San Diego County pushing back on Sacramento’s mask mandate in schools.

Hayes stated, “On one hand, Local Education Agencies are being told by our local public health officials that we must enforce the masking requirement, or we could be fined or lose our insurance, exposing us to liability. Yet, on the other hand Local Education Agencies are being told we have flexibility to enforce the K-12 masking requirement. This is circular guidance.”

As School Board members it is our job to ensure our students receive a quality education they deserve.

Click here to join the coalition to push back and urge Sacramento to support parents’ rights to choose what is best for their family.


Photo by: Newsy