Biden Abandons 100-200 Americans In Afghanistan

Written by: Skyler Dale

On Monday, America’s last transport plane departed from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Prematurely putting an end to the weeks-long evacuation effort, leaving approximately 100-200 U.S. citizens stranded in Afghanistan. This also marks the closing of a two-decade American military mission in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden has failed to account for the Taliban conquest, billions of dollars worth of artillery, and worst of all, Americans counting on the U.S. for safety. Biden pledged earlier this month that he was committed that the U.S. would maintain a troop presence until every citizen has been safely evacuated. He later extended that commitment to Afghan allies as well. Like most promises Biden makes, they were not kept. The stranded citizens now have to rely on American diplomacy to safely leave Afghanistan, which is awfully discouraging considering how American diplomacy with the Taliban has transpired in the past.

National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, bragged about the administration’s “successful” evacuation of “97 or 98 percent” of the total number of Americans in Afghanistan since Aug. 14. Although the Biden administration boasts about this success, the American people see right through their charade. The truth is, anything less than 100% is unsuccessful. Biden created this unfortunate circumstance these people are tangled in, and it is his duty as commander-in-chief to protect those abandoned. No one should be left behind.


Photo from: AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images