Biden’s Charitable Donations To The Taliban

Written by: Andrew Morris

Upon the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Biden Administration, billions of dollars in military equipment have seized the Taliban.

The military withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of occupation has led to the abandonment of US-owned munitions. The Administration executed this drastic measure without any form of foresight; now, the stockpile of weapons has allowed the Taliban to oppress the people of Afghanistan. They are now better equipped than ever before to carry out their terrorist plots.

Yet, according to John Kirby, Spokesperson for the Pentagon, the Administration has no plan to regain these forces. “I don’t have an exact inventory of equipment” left for the Taliban, and ”I don’t have any policy solutions…about how we would or could address that going forward.”

As the Administration is twiddling their thumbs, waiting for something to happen, matters worsen in Afghanistan. A recent intelligence effort discovered the frightening probability for the Taliban’s use of these weapons.

Many US officials warn these weapons could be sold on the black market—as indeed these munitions are some of the highest grade in the world—to America’s possible other enemies, including ISIS, Boko Haram, Iran, and Palestine. Iran has already taken munitions abandoned by America.

Though the exact number of deserted munitions is unknown or possibly unreleased, the US Government Accounting Office estimated the total arsenal the Taliban now controls. The Sunday Times released the following graphic:

Biden’s donations to the Taliban have given them a larger air force than some nations. As this humanitarian and political crisis continues, the United States and the world wait in anticipation as the Biden Administration does nothing to reclaim billions of dollars of US munitions.

Photo from: REUTERS