California Wells Are Drying Up, Leaving Thousands Without Water

Written by: Amanda Angulo

As the extreme drought spreads throughout the state, families have been experiencing life without water. Kelly O’Brien, who lives on a five-acre land in Glenn County, did not have any water in her sinks, showers, laundry, nor water bowls for everyone living on her land. In fact, the water in her well had sunk so low that the water was out of reach of the well.

“The whole time you’re going, ‘Oh please, let it be something else. Let it be a switch. Let it be the pump — let it be anything but being out of water,’” O’Brien said. Sadly, she was not the only one to experience this. So were her neighbors around her. After beginning a Facebook group for dry-well owners, it grew to 665 members. Many residents have come together to find solutions to receive drinking water. However, Sacramento has yet to entertain them.

Two thousand seven hundred wells are projected to go dry this year throughout the Golden State of California. If this drought continues and remains to be ignored by the Democrat majority, even more will dry the following year. Without any plan or action, more people will continue to lose their means to drinkable water.

Ritta Martin, a sixth-generation rancher worries, “the groundwater can’t sustain all of the orchards and other irrigated crops that we have in the area. It’s scary to think about”.

Due to the state being unable to develop viable solutions, now thousands of residents in California are living without water. People and farmers are suffering at home and economically as they cannot grow or produce what they sell. Just another reason why we need to recall Gavin Newsom and start making change in Sacramento.


Photo Credibility: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images