Californian SHE-E-O Sponsors 2021 Men’s Conference In Florida- Is Not Allowed In Conference

 This blog explains how a woman CEO supported an “Annual Men’s Bond Conference” that only allowed men to attend. Haydee Sperling convincingly showcases how men-only conferences should not only be allowed but celebrated. If other genders can exclude others from conferences, then why can’t men as well? It is not surprising that democrats do not read past headlines. Still, it is comical to see this article also posted on websites such as Obama News Today and Hillary Clinton Today. They must have thought the article’s title was “woke.” Perhaps it is woke in that Haydee can stand past the status quo set by exclusive groups and support what she believes in.

A Pro America 360 Article by Haydee Sperling

FALLBROOK, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2021 / — A conference for men. Sponsored by a woman. In Florida, where she was not allowed to attend. Who is the Californian She-E-O? What’s going on in Florida? Find out all about this story and more below! This summer, on August 14th, 2021, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson hosted his 11th Annual Men’s BOND Conference. It took place at an upscale resort and spa in Orlando, Florida. BOND featured many male speakers on topics such as “How to overcome marijuana, sex, porn, and other addictions” and “Do women prefer Alpha or Beta Males?” 

Haydee Sperling was born in the early 80s in Bakersfield, CA, and grew up in a rural farming community outside Bakersfield, known as Arvin, CA. Humble beginnings gave way to impressive success when she climbed the ladder of a Fortune 50 company earning top producer awards nationally ten years in a row. She never experienced discrimination because she was Hispanic or a female. She realized at a young age that the propaganda from the left was destructive and holding back minority groups by embracing Jesse Lee Peterson victimhood. In her career, she spoke up on discrimination targeted at conservative values she noticed within corporate America. Because of affirmative action implications, she turned down higher-paying positions and pointed out biases with corporate-funded cultural and social groups. With time she realized she could do more, and she had an obligation to do more. In 2018, she said goodbye to the secure, prosperous corporate career to embrace a new destiny in promoting and networking pro-Americans with Patriotic values. She founded and captains ProAmerica360; small business owners can express their American patriotism while adding to their client base at the local and national levels. Enlightening people that they can grow locally off social media with a human connection with those they can rely on, lean on, neighbors, new friends, small businesses across town, you can find them at 

Apart from her sponsorship program, she received two VIP tickets to this event. She flew out to
the event to sponsor and as staff help with registration, guest speakers, VIP reception, etc. Since
SHE was not a HE, she asked Jesse to donate her tickets to veterans or active military.

That’s right; she was completely OK with not being allowed in the conference.

When she was not offended by not attending the conference, there was not much of a position
for an argument.

“What the hell Haydee? Really? How can you support an event you are not allowed to attend?
Aren’t you offended?” Haydee – “I, a hundred percent respect the fact a Men’s conference prefers to be men only. Since we live in a society where I attended a Women only or Hispanic-only conference, no one would dispute that as sexists or racist. A Men’s only conference is completely acceptable, and a Men’s only conference should not only be allowed but celebrated. So, I guess the short answer is I’m not a cry baby hypocrite. If a Men’s only conference offends you, my only advice is to suck it up, buttercup, check the logic in your values.”

Jesse Lee Peterson is a pastor, counselor, author, radio & TV talk show host. He grew up on a
plantation near Tuskegee, Alabama, during the Jim Crow era. He moved to Los Angeles at 18.
After discovering forgiveness, he founded BOND in 1990 to help other black men overcome
anger but soon found all people needed the truth. At BOND, Jesse counsels individuals, couples,
and families, speaking with people around the world. He leads Church services, Men’s Forums,

Women’s Forums, conferences, and Town Hall meetings. He’s also a provocative and much-loved
speaker and media commentator (Fox News, CNN, and many other outlets) BOND, the
Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny. He is a nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization, based in Los Angeles, founded by Jesse Lee Peterson, dedicated to “Rebuilding the
Family by Rebuilding the Man.” Since 1990, he offers counseling for people dealing with
personal, relationship, and family issues, helping them overcome anger through forgiveness. He
holds weekly Church services, monthly Men’s Forums, Women’s Forums, town hall meetings,
rallies, and annual conferences. He has an Entrepreneur Academy for young men (ages 15 and
up). BOND Studios produce Church, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, and The Fallen State,
spreading the message of forgiveness and responsibility worldwide. They have a Home for
Young Men and offer mentorship for those ready to change. Over the years, we’ve provided
After School Character Building and the BOND Leadership Academy (a private school for grades

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SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America
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