Doug Ose Withdraws From CA Recall Election

Written by: Andrew Morris

Doug Ose has declared that he is ending his California recall campaign following an unexpected heart attack. He commented in a statement that, “While I’m told I should expect a full recovery, additional procedures and potentially surgery are required, and it has become clear that I must now focus my attention on rehabilitation and healing. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. It is what it is: my campaign for governor is over.”

After garnering much support, the recall effort has finally come to a point where Governor Gavin Newsom is highly likely to be removed from office. Spelling good news for Californians, as his reign of irresponsible and dangerous leadership, will soon come to an end.

This week ballots have been mailed ahead for the September 14 vote to all registered voters. Many candidates, including Ose, were vying for a solid foundation as a possible candidate. Yet of more than 40 official candidates, roughly five have the numbers to have a chance of election.

Ose’s extensive Congressional background in Republican affairs represents his years in public service and dedication to serving the political minority in the Sacramento area. His campaign, however, never broke away from the other candidates in terms of recognition in polls or fundraising. Still, such an unforeseen turn of events is unfortunate for the former candidate.

Ose officially dropped out only a few hours before he was scheduled to appear in a debate between other prominent Republican candidates.